World Championships Stoneham


The last couple of weeks have been great. After being at home for the Christmas and new year period, we then had European cups in Puy st Vincent which went well and for once we had good weather and great racing!

Right after that I flew to Toronto for a couple of days travelling relaxing and sightseeing. We visited Toronto and Niagara Falls which was really good fun and was a great way to get over jet lag!

We then had a 10 hour drive to Quebec for the World Championships which are held in Stoneham. The great thing about this event is that we all stay in Quebec City which is a change from the usual resort style villages and the old town of Quebec is wonderful to walk through although with record low temperatures all over Canada, it did make sightseeing rather arduous.


On the 23rd we go to train on the course, in temperatures of -46C we had to tape up our faces to avoid frost bite, however the course was amazing with 6 jumps in a row before dropping into a section with 5 banks and rollers which was amazing fun!

Qualification went well for me with my best qualifying result in World Cup event finishing 37th after my second run which I was pleased with dropping 3 seconds from my first run. I seemed to have found the right balance between relaxed and tense and was able to qualify with a run better than my training runs.

After a day off we went back for the finals, I had second to last choice in my round which was the third one. I got a good start managing to stay with the guys ahead of me, however I had a bit of bad luck as Schad missed his timing on a double roller which made him cross the while course, loose speed and crash into me in mid air. I came off worse out of this encounter and crashed, finishing last in my heat.


We are now on our way back Toronto and Blue mountain in four days time which will be my next competition in our Canadian tour!


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