Second place in Austria


Just finished my latest competition in Austria Hohenems.

Whilst the rest of Europe was surviving a cold spell, we were in the Siberia of Austria racing in temperatures of -20C.

Because of the really cold temperature the place looked amazing with snow everywhere on all the trees. Hohenems is a really small resort with only 2 T bars, but loads of off piste and freestyle potential. The course was an interesting course, and a coupe of features had to be modified under the all observing eye of our coach Simon Whyte!

Once all the problems got ironed out, we begun with the competition properly, I had a good run in the qualifiers coming 6th which put me in a good position for the finals. However it was not to be, and in the finals whilst trying to overtake someone I took myself out and that was the end of the day!

Sunday dawned just as cold but everything was running much smother as everything was already properly set up. The weather had also picked up and although cold it was also really sunny which took the bite out of the cold. The qualifiers wen really smoothly getting my perfect line and managing to slip into first place which helped with my confidence for the rest of the day and also my starts, as our start gate choices depend on our qualifying time.

The Finals went pretty smoothly apart from in the quarter finals where, as James Foster our Canadian coach out it, “the only place you didn’t scare me was a the landing of the second kicker”! To be fair I did end up crossing the finish line on my back after a couple of mistakes the whole way down, but I still managed to qualify for the finals.

In the finals, my first turn line was not the best and I ended up third in the second bank, but Ivan Bracht ARG, didn’t make the second turn and I just managed to avoid him, but did not have the guts to hit the last kicker full speed to try and get first place. I am however very happy with second, my best result so far in a FIS event!

Here is the video of the finals.

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