Training in Hintertux

Just got back from ten days training with the British team at the Hintertux Glacier, I had a great time and the fact that there was only a small number of us there made it a very intense week, but with some good results to show at the end of it!

We were extremely lucky with the weather as we were able to go up on the mountain every day that we were there, even though the two last days were cold and snowy, the rest of the time we had clear blue skies.

Hintertux is rather large for a glacier which is nice as there is slightly more variation than there is normally. We also had a track and were able to work different technical sections, including starts, kickers and banks, which will come in useful later on in the season.

There was a good team spirit the whole week and had lots of fun with Myles, Jennifer and Marlies. The only bad news came when it was announced that our first competition of the season which was supposed to be in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy had been cancelled due to lack of snow. Therefor the first competition will be at Home in Puy St Vincent on the 6-9 January. It was rather ironic as the news came as the whole of Europe got the first major snowfall of the season, but it was not enough to make a proper course. I am defiantly disappointed about that as the first competition of the season is always good, and was looking forward to going back there and not getting helicoptered off the mountain!

Anyway, back home now and there is fresh snow around which is nice to see, the weather has become distinctly wintery and the season is well on it’s way!

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