Training in Zermatt

Last week was my first snow training this winter, the start of this season went really well. It was really nice to be back in the open after a couple of weeks in the UK working in front of a computer!

Carving in Zermatt

Carving in Zermatt

The first day on snow was a lovely day, blue skies and hard snow, perfect to get back into carving down the pistes. It was also time to meet the new arrivals on the GB team for this season, Tom Akass, Myles Mcneany, Tom Farrow, Jennifer Osbourne and Marlies Neuner.  with quite a drastic change from last season, there were five new arrivals and it was nice to get to know everyone and meet back up with Jamie Barrow and Maisie Potter from last season.

Cold, eating luch on the glacier, trying to get out of the wind

Cold, eating luch on the glacier, trying to get out of the wind

Our first day finished with fitness training, which took place in Zermatt, to see how everyone was faring after the sumer. It all went well, with everyone doing well in most things.

The next couple of days the bad weather came in, with the resort closing down on our third day due to snow and 85 km/h of wind. Instead of going up the mountain we had fitness and I concentrated on my university course work as I was slightly behind on it!

Simon and Jimbo, the coaches

Simon and Jimbo, the coaches

Then next three days we went back up on the mountain and had an amazing time. The weather was never amazing apart from the last day, but it didn’t stop us from making the most of our first time on snow this season.

Everyone progressed a lot on this camp which was great, and leaves me and everyone else hopeful for the upcoming season that looks rather packed. here is my 2011/12 calendar.

View of the Matterhorn from the lift

View of the Matterhorn from thefirst of three lifts

The camp was great, we were lucky with the weather, and the location is amazing, boarding next to the Matterhorn is an experience. We were also able to do lots of different things, carving of course, but there is also a half pipe that got thoroughly used and some kickers so it didn’t get boring!

The last day, the chair lift down to the mid station opened which allowed us to go for much longer runs, and we all had a go on getting the fastest speed down the slope, which was a lot of fun for the last day! I only got 98.3 km/h whilst James Foster, thanks in part to his impressive physique beat everyone else with around 110Km/h.

I am now of to relax in Egypt for a couple of day kitesurfing and the next camp will be in Sweden on the 26th of December.

Thanks to Norton Rose Group , Jimbo and Simon.

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