Training in London

The last couple of weeks I have been in London working and training.

Sunrise over Limehouse basinIt was actually more more fun than I expected, and I defiantly enjoyed the riding to work on my bike the most, it got the adrenaline going early in the morning!

I also go to go on some nice runs and bike rides along the canals where I saw some amazing canal boats and such, and the atmosphere along the canals was such a stark contrast to the busy centre of London.

Cool sky over LondonI got a gym pass for the GLL leisure centre at Mile end which was just up the canal from my flat, so was in a great location, it was a really nice facility, and really quite empty at 6 in the morning which was great for me as it meant I got some amazing sunrises and I had to go to work around 9.30 anyway.

My desk at Norton Rose

My desk at Norton Rose LLP

I had 10 days work experience at Norton Rose LLP, in the web development section, and actually had a good time although, I don’t think office work is for me quite yet anyway! I did learn quite a few things, and Clement, my boss had his own personal whip that he used to keep me working as fast as possible!! Only joking, got on really well but just getting a bit of revenge for doing all the work he didn’t want to do!

Getting onto the ferry on the way to Zermatt

Getting onto the ferry on the way to Zermatt

After my work experience, I met up with my TASS hub at the hertfordshire university and had a good preparation session where Ed made me a cool S and C program for the upcoming season.

Then was the time for my drive down to Zermatt for our first training camp of the season and to meet the new members of the British team. I’ll keep you updated on that shortly.


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  1. Zeal says:

    Hey, that post lvaees me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!