World Cup races

Just got back from quite a few competitions. After having made a program with Eurosport 2 with Pierrre Vaultier and my brother, I went to the French Championships which were held in Les Gets. I did not do so well there as I fell in my qualification run, which meant that I did not get through to the finals.

From there I went to my fist World Cup event, which was in Valmalenco in Italy. The weather was really bad, with 20 cm of fresh snow and rain which made the course very slow. So as to clear the course of fresh snow for the top guys, they decided to send down six random people and I was one of them. This made my time really slow so I finished 55. I was unhappy with my result as I felt that I could have done better if I had not been selected for snow seeding.

From Valmalenco we went to Laax for a couple of days to wait for the next World Cup which took place in Arosa. As this World Cup took place at the same time as the British Championship, I also wanted to tell them about this as I as not going to be able to defend my British Snowboard Cross Champion title.

Once I was in Arosa things turned up a lot. The weather was really nice and warm, and the course was amazing, with a great flow and some nice kickers. In qualification, everyone’s time was really close with the top 50 guys coming within 2 seconds of each other. It was also the first time that there was a 6 person start which was awesome. It also meant that the top 48 guys qualified to the finals which was good for me as I qualified 48 just scraping through to the finals. In my finals round I was up against Pierre Vaultier who qualified first and I finished 5 in my heat which meant that I finished 40th overall with which I was very happy with for my second World Cup.

I am happy with this result to finish my season off with as it will help me to start next season off in good mental shape at World Cup.

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